Survey #1

Hey there!

A pre-emptive thank you for taking the time to participate. The survey should take 5-10 minutes, and is completely confidential. At the end of the survey we'll ask if you are willing to participate in additional ways to further support our efforts... 

The survey seeks data and insights regarding working mommas in the North Bay and their experiences around maternity leave. It will be used in a confidential manner to validate and support the services of a new, local non-profit.

We'll be sharing more on the specifics in the coming weeks and months, but if you want to ping me directly I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Also, I am aware that employment and the journey to parenthood can look and feel very different for different people. For simplicity, we've tried to use language that can represent pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy etc., however, there are likely parts of this survey that don't fit your own situation and could be more inclusive. If you have suggestions or thoughts on that matter, please use the feedback portion at the end of the survey.

You can start the survey by clicking the button below.
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